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Real Estate in Savannah
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DEBUT of 3D Model, Floorplan and Virtual Reality Real Estate Walk Through! 535 E Bolton Street: 3BR/3.5BA Victorian Style Home For Sale #Savannah!

With daily requests from Buyers all over the world, I am the FIRST in Savannah to invest and use in this NEW Virtual Reality technology!

With that said, I am equally excited to offer this for my Seller clients! As a Top Listing Agent in Savannah, it is important to offer cutting edge of technology for my clients to expose their homes to buyers all over the world who purchase sight unseen! There are no other agents currently using this technology in #Savannah so I am SOOO excited to DEBUT this! I’ve put together this 3D Model, Floorplan and Virtual Reality Walk-through so you can preview this listing in full prior to arriving!

If you’re an early adopter of technology, you can actually virtually walk through this home with the NEW Virtual Reality Headset from Samsung! As you turn your head and body, you can look up, down, left and right and you control walking through the home by looking in the direction you want to go! Really this is the coolest and next direction of where Real Estate tours will go – Google is expected to Release a a headset this December for around $25/pair!

Use the 3 Icons at the bottom left hand side of this preview to toggle between a 3D Model “Dollhouse”, Floor Plan and Virtual Reality Walk Through. This 3BR/3.5BA Victorian Style Home is For Sale in the #VictorianDistrict of downtown #Savannah! Call me at 912-388-2828 to schedule an in-person showing or more information on how to start the buying process!



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